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Data Protector – backing up your virtual environments

Data Protector – backing up your virtual environments

We continue to consider the benefits and features of Data Protector.

Today – about backing up your virtual environments with the function of VM-coordinated backup in VMware and Hyper-V environments!

Data Protector Express supports backup and recovery of virtual environments and has a number of functional features: fast integration, support for cloud services and encryption.

This software provides predictive licensing based on the socket without the need to allocate virtual resources for the monitoring operation.

VM-agreed backup (with or without an agent) according to your requirements. For agentless recovery, the VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V API is used to back up numerous VMs and VM disks (in parallel and sequentially) to a backup device. Agent-free hardware backup is also supported, which instantly integrates into backups to back up, reducing the load on the hypervisor and improving VM performance and performance.

Advanced Recovery for VMware includes numerous features, including:
– granular recovery functions without caching, which allows you to completely restore the VM before viewing the contents of files;
– granular recovery with caching to recover individual files directly from the backup image of the virtual machine;
– Enabling the virtual machine and live migration of the virtual machine, which allows you to enable VM directly from the image stored on supported devices, while starting the process of data recovery in the final storage.

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