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ArcSight Intelligence

ArcSight Intelligence

ArcSight Intelligence is a behavioral analytics at the user and organization level that complements existing security tools and enables professionals in the field to respond to threats BEFORE data theft.


The ArcSight Intelligence platform provides an opportunity to identify and respond to unknown threats in a timely manner, which is crucial in the context of business sustainability and the overall level of information security of the enterprise.


Briefly about the main features of ArcSight Intelligence:

  • Search for unknown threats
    Detect internal and targeted attacks by studying the behavior of each entity within the enterprise and find atypical actions.
  • Contextual threat analysis

Promptly analyze risks using an intuitive and simple user interface and API that indicates deviations based on previous and related actions.

  • Getting rid of information noise
    Select the most suspicious of the billions of events, thereby reducing information noise, and focus on eliminating really dangerous threats.
  • Improving the performance of the security operations center

Create a comprehensive system in which IS specialists will be able to automate a number of processes and focus their efforts on a more thorough search for real threats.

  • Proactive response
    Act faster, perform a risk assessment, and use its results to run automated operations and generate alerts to respond to real losses.
  • Zoom as you grow

The architecture of the ArcSight Intelligence platform can provide scaling to meet the requirements of the largest and most complex systems for working with big data.


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