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Vertica in Eon mode

Vertica in Eon mode

Briefly and essentially about Vertica in Eon mode:

Separation of computing power from storage is no longer limited to the cloud!
Vertica allows cloud platforms and modern enterprise data centers to take advantage of flexible deployment, including scaling computing power separately from storage.

Dynamic workload management, rapid build-up of computing resources to meet the demand that has increased significantly, regardless of storage.
Reduce computing power for financial savings or for the use of computing resources elsewhere.

Improved workload isolation: the ability to use subclusters to provide dedicated computing power to a single workload without the need for data replication or copy maintenance.

Subclusters ensure that workloads are not affected by each other. For example, resource-intensive analytical workloads will not slow down dashboards. Scale each subcluster according to the workload it handles, and turn it off when not in use.
Start using Vertica today and see the benefits!

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