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Vertica – analytics platform 10

Vertica – analytics platform 10

Vertica 10 solves the problems of growing data warehouses, simultaneous operation in cloud, local and hybrid environments and expands the possibilities of applying machine learning to the required scale.

Speaking of key features: Vertica 10 has deployment flexibility that surpasses the flexibility of any analytical data warehouse on the market.

This fast and highly scalable platform gives you the ability to analyze mission-critical business processes by leveraging advanced machine learning capabilities.

Vertica 10 isolates workloads to prevent conflicts and increase reliability, and uses enhanced security features. Among the advantages of the solution:

  • Deployment flexibility
  • Application of machine learning models – including TensorFlow
  • Cluster management with just a few clicks
  • Leading industry data security features
  • Quick answers to analytical queries

Vertica is an analytical unified data warehouse that allows you to take advantage of any BI / ETL tool, run it as an SQL database on Hadoop, and use it as a scalable forecasting system. It contains a comprehensive library of built-in analytical functions, machine learning functions and algorithms to support the entire process of predictive analytics.
Start using Vertica today and see the benefits!

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