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Travel to the modern world of Oracle with ERC

Travel to the modern world of Oracle with ERC

Partners who purchase any of the tracks in the updated Oracle PartnerNetwork program (Cloud Build, Cloud Sell, Cloud Service or License & Hardware) receive a number of Universal Cloud Credits (UCC) as one of the key benefits of choosing the corresponding track.

Affiliates who choose the Cloud Service track instead of receiving UHC can choose to use these credits to receive a discount when ordering a SaaS demo. In addition to those allocated as part of the acquisition of the UHC track, partners can purchase additional cloud loans at a discount of 55% for use only for development, demonstration and testing. Additional restrictions may apply.

Universal Cloud Credits, which are provided when purchasing tracks, can be used to test, develop and demonstrate in a new cloud environment or to replenish an existing cloud environment that has been provided under the updated OPN. These credits cannot be used to replenish environments previously purchased under other programs.

Universal Credits will be available under the Annual Commit model with an expiration / renewal date that coincides with the OPN partnership renewal date. If the CCs obtained through the acquisition of tracks are used, any additional use of cloud resources in this cloud environment will be billed to the partner as a separate account as “Overage”.

To access the CC allocated for your company when purchasing tracks:

  • When purchasing a track from the Oracle Partner Store, select “Universal Credits for Oracle PaaS / IaaS Environments for Testing Development and Demonstration purposes” (this option will be selected by default in all tracks except Cloud Service).
  • Enter the email of the person you want to make a Cloud Administrator.
  • Select Agree to the terms.
  • If you want to add your Universal Credits to the existing cloud environment obtained under the updated OPN, please provide the Subscription Plan Management (SPM) number for your existing contract. If you do not know your SPM number, contact Partner Assistance.
  • The selected administrator of the cloud account will receive a special invitation letter with a link to start working with the cloud environment.
  • The cloud account administrator will be able to add other users after successfully initializing the cloud environment.
  • In the process of updating the track (with the annual renewal of the partnership in OPN), you will be able to replenish your cloud environment with newly allocated CC as part of the purchase of this track by filling in the appropriate field in the form of its purchase.


  • Prerequisites
    Track Purchase (Cloud Build, Cloud Sell, Cloud Service or License / Hardware)


  • For whom / who can do
    Partner Administrator

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