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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure!

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure!

Cool news from Oracle!

Since the beginning of September, Oracle has been offering free training and certification for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

This program aims to bridge the skills gap and create new promising opportunities for your career without spending 1 UAH.

Thanks to this cool offer, students will have access to all OCI courses, which are conducted digitally. Oracle also offers a free certification course on stand-alone Oracle databases and other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solutions until December 31, 2021.

Oracle will include:
-Access to the entire digital OCI training catalog
-Practical laboratories through the free level of Oracle Cloud Free Tier
-Oracle certification (from preparatory courses and practical exams to testing and accreditation)
-Direct sessions conducted by Oracle experts covering the world’s best practices
-Resources for new career opportunities

And all this is absolutely free!

Register at

Take advantage, then catch new opportunities with Oracle !!!