Automated security systems allow developers and professionals to address vulnerabilities and create secure software.

The #Fortify system allows you to create comprehensive solutions to protect applications with flexible on-site testing and on-demand testing. This allows you to cover the entire life cycle of software development and scale it according to requirements.

Focus on the result
A low level of false-positive results allows you to focus on the most important thing. With the help of security analysis tools to detect vulnerabilities in the developer’s project, and through the use of machine learning technologies – to reduce the time of audits.

Quick start with the help of professionals
It is possible to launch the application security system in just one day. Get the help of a team of experts who will ensure the optimization, verification and removal of false-positive results in the services provided around the clock by technical support in any country in the world. Applies to the local version, and service, and hybrid configuration.

Integration into CI / CD tools
Integration with CI / CD makes the security control process an integral part of software development and production, providing full automation and support for workflows. Integrated bug management tools allow you to fix vulnerabilities and record relevant data.

Automation and scaling
Expand the capabilities of the system? This is possible through the introduction of centralized scanning technology with support for AppSec programs, which can perform thousands of scans a day. Automate CI / CD security features with existing tools.

P.S. The Fortify solution was recognized as the best among corporate technologies according to Gartner: https: // /…/ critical-capabilities …