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Commvault Backup & Recovery functionality

Commvault Backup & Recovery functionality

Let’s talk about the functionality of Commvault Backup & Recovery.
Let’s select 6 main ones and list their advantages.


  • Policy-based automation, monitoring and reporting without cumbersome scripts
  • Custom schedules to comply with any SLA
  • Deduplication of data for more efficient transmission
  • Auto-detect to prevent re-added datasets
  • Adapted data storage for recovery and compliance
  • Customizable data encryption for storage and transmission



  • Restore the system, instance or program completely
  • Granular recovery of individual files
  • Restore to the same or another place
  • The most up-to-date data at a specific time


  • Fully automated processes – no custom scripts required
  • No downtime of productive systems
  • Data can be moved between clouds
  • No binding to one vendor

Integration with hardware images:

  • Support for snapshot solutions from all major vendors
  • Automatic backup to snapshots and recovery
  • Storage of snapshots, adapted to the needs of the organization

Cloud integration:

  • Support for platforms of all major cloud service providers
  • The only platform for managing local and cloud data
  • Backup, restore and migrate to / from / from the cloud
  • Control of compliance with requirements and standards
  • Flexible storage options
  • Disk library – individual hard disks or RAID-array
  • Tape library
  • Cloud storage – platforms of all major vendors are supported
  • Network Storage (NAS)
  • Deduplication for more efficient and economical data storage