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ArcSight. Analyze more deeply. Learn more.

ArcSight. Analyze more deeply. Learn more.

Intelligent adaptation of SecOps resources to increase SOC efficiency and information security resilience is ArcSight.

Why ArcSight?
ArcSight is a complete SecOps solution that provides #SOC reliability. ArcSight ensures faster and more accurate detection of known and unknown threats with multi-level analytics, simplifies the work of professionals through a unified interface and speeds up response to threats thanks to built-in SOAR capabilities.

How is ArcSight different from other solutions?

  • Multilevel analytics.
    The #ArcSight platform combines real-time correlation, information gathering and enhanced threat detection, behavioral analysis and integration with MITER ATT & CK to prioritize critical threats.
  • The only platform.
    ArcSight simplifies the work of #SecOps by offering a comprehensive and unified solution with a single data platform, shared storage system and interface.
  • Automation.
    Ensure effective interaction of specialists and equipment. Machine analysis and automation identify potential threats and begin to respond to them, reducing the workload and optimizing the workflow of analysts.

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