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Vertica in Eon mode

Vertica in Eon mode

Separate the layers of computing and big data storage: Vertica in Eon mode

Vertica in Eon mode has been developed using an optimized cloud architecture that simplifies work and better supports variable workloads by scaling the cloud infrastructure to meet peak demand when needed and scaled down when not needed.

Vertica in Eon mode provides this by separating computing and storage, which allows you to manage dynamic workloads by scaling computing resources independently of the shared storage S3. Vertica in Eon mode supports both AWS and Google Cloud Platform (with Vertica 10).

To meet the growing market demand for hybrid deployment options, Vertica now offers all the capabilities of a cloud-optimized architecture in local environments, including Pure Storage, MinIO and Scality. Vertica in Eon mode also supports shared Apache Hadoop storage in local environments.

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