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Twinkly – Time to miracle!

Twinkly – Time to miracle!

Twinkly PRO – modern powerful and convenient for a bright look bright to attract attention, decorate, surprise! Twinkly PRO offers an eloquent slogan: “Decorate like a boss”! It’s simple – you do not need any complex installation processes, no additional programming, complex technological algorithms. Effect management from free (multifunctional) software is universal and convenient. You can change the effects at least every day! In the new seasons and the upcoming holidays, find something new and unusually simple! Products in stock in Ukraine – all this can be done and found for years.


In the video – jewelry Twinkly PRO long facade (illuminated by an area of ​​40 m long and 2 m high = 80 sq m) store in Italy.


  • №9 controllers type ETH1500:
  • 45 RGB + W String Garlands (11,250 lamps in total):
  • 140 high-quality Twinkly PRO LEDs per 1 sq.m grows such a wonderful effect!

Twinkly PRO software (iOS only: web app or mobile app) with the new feature update.
Time to decorate with Twinkly PRO!

List of products, retail prices (setting special conditions) and purchase: