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“Thrive Together” Partner web-meeting

“Thrive Together” Partner web-meeting

Not only the ideology of communication and cooperation of the vendor with partners, but also the discussion program of the online event “Thrive Together”, which will take place on February 4, is built on the principles of successful partnership from Oracle – trust, stability, reliability, adaptability and improvement.

But not only a non-trivial approach to the formation of the program is a feature of this event – 7 partner companies, namely: Accenture, Drive, Evosys, Opitz Consulting, Sysco, TAI, Version1 will present their success stories in Cloud Apps, Tech and Systems.

“Thrive Together” Partner web-meeting
Date: February 4
Time: 12:00 – 14:00

Join the sunset!
We will discuss the main advantages of Oracle in the cloud business, understanding the partner ecosystem and opportunities for its improvement.