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Morning at the ERC Training Complex!

Morning at the ERC Training Complex!

Did you know that the morning at the ERC Training Complex is spent with fragrant, hot coffee and delicacies that inspire you to learn something new and interesting?
Today we again shared our experience at our training with Microsoft CSP.
What is our training?
This is an information-packed two hours when you have the opportunity to learn about the Microsoft CSP program.

We have specially designed training for you so that you can understand in more detail about CSP sales, if you have never done so and do not know where to start.

Our training program will answer the following questions:
– What is CSP
– How to become a Microsoft partner
– Top Microsoft solutions
– How to earn even more
– How to place the first order and close the documents

If you have not had the opportunity to visit our Training Complex, please join us at the next training, which will take place next month.

Dates of the following trainings: 12.11, 26.11, 03.12, 10.12.
Time: 10:00 to 12:00
Training is FREE, more detailed information on the link:

Trainings are held at: Kyiv, st. Mark Vovchka 18A (ERC Training Complex).
We give a great gift to everyone who attended the ERC training
Register in advance! It will be, as always, very interesting and cozy.