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Fortify on Demand. Security of your software.

Fortify on Demand. Security of your software.

# Application security as a service with testing, vulnerability management, expertise and support is #Fortify on Demand from Micro Focus.

Briefly about the main features and benefits:
– Quickly launch an application security testing program
It is possible to launch the application security testing system in just one day, without the need to invest in infrastructure and involve IS specialists.
– Easy implementation and scalability
Fortify offers SaaS model flexibility, local or hybrid deployment to meet application requirements.
– Reduce the “noise” of scan results
Fortify on Demand allows developers to focus on security issues and eliminate them by reducing static scan noise.
– Protection of open source components
The results of scanning open source applications, search results are delivered directly through FoD by checking the fingerprints of components to improve accuracy.
– Shift left approach of the security testing system
Detect and fix problems in the early stages with integrations, statistical evaluation, open source analysis, proven scan results, and many other features.
– Ensuring safe development
Developers are aware of new cyber threats through comprehensive in-game training from Secure Code Warrior, which focuses on writing secure code.

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