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“Cisco UCS X-Series” training

“Cisco UCS X-Series” training

Dear colleagues,

We invite your administrators and engineers to familiarize themselves with the new Cisco blade platform and undergo training that explains the features, architecture of the, and how to implement it.

The new Cisco UCS X-Series blade platform is a modular adaptive system with specifications that surpass any of its competitors. The platform was created with the support of new technologies, and is ready to implement new standards that are still being developed in the world. The Cisco Intersight unique software platform is designed to simplify the information infrastructure and provide applications with a new level of performance.

Training schedule:

Time: 8:00 – 17:00 pm GMT
Dates to choose from: May 25, June 08, June 23, July 14
Registration link:

Participation is free.

Be sure to register for the training and invite your colleagues to it.