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SAN Infrastructure and Solutions (HH703S)

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SAN Infrastructure and Solutions (HH703S)


The SAN Infrastructure and Solutions training focuses on implementing HP Storage storage area networks (SANs) according to HP guidelines. This course is designed to provide you with the foundation needed to design, implement, and service a high-availability heterogeneous SAN.

SAN architecture is the overall design or structure of a storage area network solution. It includes one or more fabrics each of which has a topology. Fabric topology refers to the layout of switches that form a fabric.At the completion of this course, you should be able to implement a small heterogeneous HP StorageWorks Fibre Channel SAN using rules in the HP StorageWorks SAN Design Reference Guide. The SAN Design Reference Guide is available for download from:


This course is intended for partners, customers and employees who provide installation and/or operational support assistance for HP Storage SANs.


To attend this course you should have knowledge of:

  • Microsoft Windows administration
  • HP-UX, Linux, or OpenVMS administration
  • SCSI, RAID, Fibre Channel, and backup technologies
  • SAN architecture and function

You also should have taken the following courses or have equivalent field experience:

  • HP Storage Enterprise Virtual Array Family Service and Support
  • Introduction to SANs
  • Describe the HP StorageWorks switches designed for Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs), including: B-Series, C-Series,8GB Simple SAN Connection
  • Discuss zoning considerations for B-Series, C-Series and 8/20Q switches
  • Explain how data flows in B-Series, C-Series and 8/20Q switched fabrics
  • Identify factors to consider when designing a SAN
  • Identify configurations and considerations for interoperable fabrics
  • Describe support for booting from HP SANs on various platforms
  • List general guidelines for implementing a SAN and verifying installation steps
  • Use SAN tools and software to manage a SAN
  • Describe and use the StorageWorks Fabric Manager, Data Center Fabric Manager and Cisco Fabric Manager
  • Discuss the methodology used to troubleshoot issues in a SAN
  • Describe StorageWorks Enterprise Backup Solutions (EBS) and the SAN fabric topology it support
  • Designing HP StorageWorks Solutions v11.1 (HH702_00296721)
  • Designing and Implementing HP Cloud Solutions using 3PAR, rev. 11.21 (HL034_00299816)
  • HP StorageWorks P4000 SAN Configuration and Administration v11.1 (HH657_00280117)
  • Implementing HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array Solutions v.9.21 (HH705_00110364)
  • Advanced SAN Architecture, rev. 11.1 (HH718_00372644)

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For whom it is intended:

  • Storage administrator
  • System engineer
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