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Managing Software with Ignite-UX (H1978S)

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Managing Software with Ignite-UX (H1978S)


This course enables you to configure and use Ignite-UX to quickly and easily upgrade, re-deploy, or install HP-UX on multiple systems. This 3-day course is 50 percent lecture and 50 percent hands-on labs using HP servers.

  • HP-UX system administrators and deployment architects responsible for managing multiple systems
  • HP-UX System and Network Administration I (H3064S) and HP-UX System and Network Administration II (H3065S) or
  • HP-UX System Administration for Experienced UNIX Administrators (H5875S) or
  • Equivalent experience

At the conclusion of this course you should be able to:

  • Use Ignite-UX for quick and easy initial installation of one or multiple systems
  • Customize configurations to meet your company’s specific business needs
  • Know the key steps to configuring your system files for efficient operation
  • Create a golden image
  • Develop post-installation scripts
  • Perform system recovery
  • Load and deploy software patches
  • Add logic control to configuration files
  • Learn to use HP Ignite-UX most effectively to keep your software up to date, maintain version consistency, and reduce downtime and system problems
  • HP Serviceguard I (H6487S), HP-UX Performance and Tuning (H4262S), HP-UX Troubleshooting (H4264S), HP-UX Security (H3541S)

Ignite-UX Overview

  • Basic use models for Ignite-UX
  • Minimum Ignite-UX requirements
  • Graphical user interface
  • Ignite-UX client configuration and configuration files
  • Ignite-UX index file

Installing and Configuring an Ignite-UX Server

  • Ignite-UX software
  • Booting IP addresses
  • Make core depot and archive software available
  • Server configuration options
  • Session options
  • Booting the target

Behind the Scenes with Ignite-UX

  • Network source installation
  • Ignite and client communication
  • Push install – bootsys
  • Using bootsys

Configuration File Basics

  • Index file structure
  • Disk layout configuration file
  • Configuration file for a software depot
  • Configuration file for an archive
  • /var/opt/ignite/config.local
  • Client-specific configuration file
  • save_config
  • Creating a custom configuration with the user interface

Creating a Golden Image

  • How do I make a golden system?
  • Creating the golden image
  • make_sys_image flow
  • Creating the configuration file for a golden system
  • Customizing the post-load script
  • Creating an index clause
  • Recommended strategy

Loading Additional Software with Ignite-UX

  • Adding additional software from a depot
  • Adding software from a non-core archive
  • Kernel modifications as a software selection
  • Automatically loading software
  • Controlling the software load order
  • File recap

Adding Logic to Your Configuration Files

  • Decisions based on the target machine
  • Decisions based on the software selections
  • Kernel modifications as a software selection
  • Controlling the software load order

Ignite-UX Execution Hooks

  • Where to place hooks
  • Scripts defined in the index file
  • Hints on creating scripts

Loading Patches with Ignite-UX

  • Loading patches from a core and patch depot
  • Installing downloaded patches
  • Loading patches as a post_config_cmd

System Recovery with Ignite-UX

  • System recovery choices
  • make_tape_recovery tool
  • Creating the archive from the IUX server
  • Creating a tape for interactive restore
  • System recovery options
  • Booting the recovery tape

Creating Custom Install Media

  • Install media
  • Creating an install DVD
  • Assembling the custom DVD
  • Contents of an install tape
  • LIF header
  • Install archives
  • Assembling the tape

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For whom it is intended:

  • Solution architect
  • System administrator
  • System architect
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