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Implementing HP Enterprise Virtual Array Solutions 9.21 (HH705S)

Course code
HH705S (00110364)
Implementing HP Enterprise Virtual Array Solutions 9.21 (HH705S)


This course provides training for the HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array family, including the EVA 4000/6000/8000, EVA 4100/6100/8100, and EVA 4400/6400/8400 series.

  • This course is primarily intended for Pre-Sales Technical personnel.
  • A secondary audience is HP employees, customers, and partners with an interest in learning about the installation, configuration and support of the Enterprise Virtual Array storage solutions.

Recommended prerequisite training:

  • Storage Basics for Better TCE
  • Storage Change Management
  • Storage Technologies Web-Based Training (WBT)
  • HP StorageWorks Full-Line Technical WBT
  • Introduction to Storage Area Networks Computer-Based Training (CBT)
  • Storage Area Network Fundamentals
  • Compaq StorageWorks Virtualization Concepts WBT
  • HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array Product Overview
  • The student should also be familiar with OpenView and SANworks software products through the appropriate courses.

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Identify the terminology used with the EVA and virtual storage.
  • Identify the physical, management, and interconnect functions of the HSV controllers, Management Module, disk drive enclosures, FC-AL drives, and Fibre Channel loop switch.
  • Locate EVA storage system hardware, and set up and operate components of the HSV controller and disk drive enclosure.
  • Use the Management Module and its web-based OCP (WOCP) to access storage system management functions.
  • Connect to the Fibre Channel loop switch and use its available interfaces to perform basic functions.
  • Describe the rack models, power cabling, and cabling configurations for all models
  • Describe the features and functions of the initial storage and host configuration software called HP SmartStart for EVA Storage.
  • Use HP SmartStart for EVA Storage to initially configure storage and hosts for the EVA4400.
  • Identify the features and functions of Command View EVA.
  • Describe how to configure and monitor storage and hosts with Command View EVA.
  • Use Command View EVA to configure and monitor storage and hosts.
  • Identify features and functions of the Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU) and use the utility to configure storage and hosts.
  • Describe the event reporting and notification mechanisms used to support the EVA.
  • Open and view various event logs.
  • Use remote and local event notification options.
  • Identify features and functions of local and remote replication software.
  • Install, configure, and use local replication software.
  • Describe basic diagnostic sources and how to use those tools to perform basic troubleshooting.
  • Identify customer self repair (CSR) components and follow procedures to remove and replace components.
  • Describe best practices for configuring the EVA with optimization for availability, performance, or cost.
  • Designing HP StorageWorks Solutions – v11.1 (HH702_00296721)
  • Designing and Implementing HP Cloud Solutions using 3PAR, Rev. 11.21 (HL034_00299816)
  • HP StorageWorks P4000 SAN Configuration and Administration – v11.1 (HH657_00280117)
  • SAN Infrastructure and Solutions Rev. 11.11 (HH703_00308530)
  • Advanced SAN Architecture, Rev. 11.1 (HH718_00372644)

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For whom it is intended:

  • Presale/consultant
  • Solution architect
  • System administrator
  • System architect
  • System engineer
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