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HP BladeSystem Networking (HL942S)

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HL942S (00836926)
HP BladeSystem Networking (HL942S)


The HP BladeSystem Networking class describes how the HP Virtual Connect family of interconnect solutions, which are modules deployed in HP BladeSystem enclosures, can be used to enable server blades, also installed in the BladeSystem, to access IP and storage networks. A variety of supporting networking technologies is also covered, including protocols and standards applicable to Layer 1, 2, and 3, that are commonly encountered when working with data center solutions encompassing local area and storage area networks.

  • An HP employee, a channel partner, or a customer who needs to learn how to describe, position, and demonstrate the HP Virtual Connect features and capabilities

Module 1: Networking overview and network management

  • Provide an overview of network types and networking techniques
  • Describe strategies for network management

Module 2: Layer 2 concepts

  • Explain these OSI Model Layer 2 concepts: VLANs, link aggregation, Spanning Tree Protocols, and Layer 2 alternatives to Spanning Tree

Module 3: Layer 3 concepts

  • Explain these OSI Model Layer 3 concepts: switching, routing, and forwarding

Module 4: Network security, performance optimization, and virtual switching

  • Identify strategies for providing network security
  • Explain how to attain network QoS
  • Describe virtual switching concepts

Module 5: HP Virtual Connect for Ethernet

  • Define terms that relate to Virtual Connect technology in an Ethernet environment
  • Explain Virtual Connect and list its components
  • Describe the features and functions of VCM and VCEM
  • Compare the HP Virtual Connect Ethernet interconnects supported in BladeSystem enclosures
  • Explain how to manage server VLAN tagging support
  • Describe the lab environment
  • Perform associated hands-on labs and debrief

Module 6: HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric

  • Perform associated hands-on labs and debrief

Module 7: HP Virtual Connect for Fibre Channel

  • Define terms that relate to Fibre Channel technology
  • Compare the Virtual Connect Fibre Channel modules supported in BladeSystem enclosures
  • Discuss the technologies supported by Virtual Connect Fibre Channel modules
  • Explain how to enable converged network deployments in a data center
  • Perform associated hands-on labs and debrief

Module 8: HP Virtual Connect Stacking

  • Explain how to implement Virtual Connect stacking
  • List the VC FlexFabric module stacking rules
  • Perform associated hands-on labs and debrief

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  • Presale/consultant
  • Solution architect
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