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Getting Started with HP Switching and Routing (HL044S)

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HL044S (00731204)
Getting Started with HP Switching and Routing (HL044S)


The Getting Started with HP Switching and Routing Instructor Led training (ILT) helps network technicians understand the foundational network technologies they need to know before attending the HP A-Series Networking Technologies (ILT) and HP E-Series Networking Technologies (ILT) courses. Specifically, the training covers basic switch functionality, virtual LANs (VLANs), infrastructure device security, IP routing concepts, link aggregation, and network redundancy.

This course also provides an overview of HP A-Series switches, which are designed for data centers and enterprises, and E-Series switches, which are designed for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). In addition, the training describes how each foundational technology implemented on both A-Series and E-Series switches. This course prepares new candidates and candidates who hold an older HP ProCurve AIS or a 3rd party network vendor certification of equal level for the Accredited Integration Specialist (AIS) 2011 certification within the HP ExpertONE program.

This course is equivalent to the Learning Center 00339380 Getting Started with HP Switching and Routing course from the ExpertOne program.


Professionals who deploy SMB and enterprise-edge solutions based on HP technologies, including HP reseller systems engineers, customer IT staff, HP system engineers, HP services field and call center support engineers.

  • Describe the ways that switches can be categorised, based on their capabilities or form factor.
  • Explain factors that can make network infrastructure devices vulnerable to attack and explain how to physically secure infrastructure devices from unauthorised access.
  • Describe how Layer 3 switches use static and default routes to ensure that traffic reaches its final destination.
  • Explain how dynamic and static links are implmented on HP switches.
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using HP IRF to provide network redundancy.
  • Explain how HP A- and E-Series switches help organisations meet today’s business and technical challenges.
  • Describe how and why VLANs are implemented on HP E-Series and A-Series switches.
  • List basic components of routing tables and explain the purpose of each component.
  • Compare STP, RSTP, and MSTP and explain how they are implemented on HP switches.
  • HP E-Series Networking Technologies HK651S
  • HP A-Series Networking Technologies HK652S
  • Networking Essentials for Security Specialists HK653S

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For whom it is intended:

  • Network administrator
  • Service engineer
  • System engineer
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