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CompTIA Network +


This course provides a definition and in-depth description of the main modern technologies of computer networks. The main methods of administration, management and troubleshooting of modern networks will also be considered.


Teach basic skills in working with network equipment and information security equipment. As a result of this course, students will gain basic practical knowledge on setting up network protocols and security policies


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The following topics will be covered in this course:

Basic definitions of OSI and TCP / IP network models
Characteristics of network traffic
Deploy and configure LAN
Configuring IP networks
Deploy and configure routing networks. Basic LAN and WAN routing technologies will be considered
Configuration and monitoring of major ports and protocols
Description of the main network attacks and methods of their elimination and early detection
Deployment and configuration of information security equipment and software
Description of basic methods of authentication and access control
Using remote access methods
Implementation of security policies


Lesson 1: Explanation of the OSI model and TCP / IP models

Lesson 2: Explain the properties of network traffic

Lesson 3: Installing and configuring dial-up networks

Lesson 4: Configuring IP Networks

Lesson 5: Installing and configuring routed networks

Lesson 6: Configuring and monitoring ports and protocols

Lesson 7: Explaining network applications and storage services

Lesson 8: Monitoring and troubleshooting networks

Lesson 9: Explain network attacks and mitigations

Lesson 10: Installing and Configuring Security Devices

Lesson 11: Explaining authentication and access control

Lesson 12: Deploying and troubleshooting cable solutions

Lesson 13: Implementing and troubleshooting wireless technologies

Lesson 14: Comparing and contrasting WAN technologies

Lesson 15: Using Remote Access Methods

Lesson 16: Defining site policy and best practices


Price: $ 320

Venue: ERC Training Center st. Mark Vovchka, 18-A