Implementing HP Network Infrastructure Security (HK654)


This course is designed to prepare network engineers and network administrators to configure, troubleshoot and implement HP Networking security features used for network protection. Network protection features on both the A-Series and E-Series devices will be explored.

This course is equivalent to The Learning Center 00243555 Implementing HP Network Infrastructure Security course from the ExpertOne program.


This course is designed for HP Networking channel partner systems engineers, network engineers and network specialists who design and deploy wired network solutions. It is also appropriate for HP end user network engineers.

Certifications and Related Examinations
  • HP ASE - Network Infrastructure [2011]
  • HP0-Y43: Implementing HP Network Infrastructure Solutions


  • HP E-Series Networking Technologies and HP Networking Infrastructure Security Technologies or equivalent knowledge.
Key topics
  • CA Signed Certificates
  • Access Control Lists used to filter network traffic
  • Port Security
  • Spanning Tree Protection
  • ARP Protection
  • Threat Detection: Virus Throttling
  • Traffic Mirroring
  • MAC address protection
  • Traffic Filters: Source Port Filters and Port Isolation
  • DHCP Protection
  • IP Spoofing Protection
Next steps
  • HP Core/Distribution Network Technologies using ProVision Software, Rev. 10.41 (HK741_00646332) HK741S
  • HP Core/Distribution Network Technologies using Comware Software, Rev. 11.41 (HK742_00646344) HK742S

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