HP Integrity Server Blades Administration (HC590S)

Course overview

In this 3-day course, students will learn how to successfully manage HP BladeSystem with Integrity servers. This course focuses on system administration components rather than hardware deployment. The course introduces the BladeSystem enclosure, BladeServer models, BladeStorage models, Interconnect modules, HP Onboard Administrator, HP Virtual Connect and network storage solutions. It then highlights the HP BladeSystem c-Class server management using HP Systems Insight Manager. The course is 60% lecture and 40% hands-on labs using HP Integrity systems. 


Experienced software administrators responsible for managing and monitoring HP BladeSystem with Integrity c-Class blade servers

  • HP-UX System and Network Administration I & II (H3064S & H3065S) or
  • HP-UX System and Network Administration for Experienced UNIX® System Administrators (H5875S) or
  • Equivalent HP-UX administration experience
Course objective
  • Discuss the management tools available for HP BladeSystem and Integrity server environments
  • Discuss the architecture of the HP BladeSystem components and their benefits
  • Use Integrated Lights Out (iLO2) on Integrity Server Blades
  • Use the HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator
  • Monitor the environment with HP SIM and SMH
Benefits to you
  • Gain the ability to perform successful site planning and infrastructure design needed to deploy an HP BladeSystem solution
  • Build a simplified server environment utilizing HP Virtual Connect
  • Be able to perform effective local and remote administration using HP Onboard Administrator
  • Gain experience using the management tools for an HP BladeSystem Integrity server configuration
Next steps
  • HP Systems Insight Manager (HB508S)
  • HP Integrity Virtual Machines (HB506S) virtualization
Detailed course outline

Introduction to HP c-Class BladeSystems

  • What is a BladeSystem?
  • HP Integrity Server BladeSystem Block Diagram
  • c-Class Components
  • Integrity Server Blades
  • Storage Blades
  • PCIe Expnsion Blades
  • Interconnects
  • Integrated Lights-Out 2

Using Integrated Lights Out (iLO2) on Integrity Server Blades

  • What is Integrated Lights Out?
  • iLO 2 Features for Integrity Blades
  • iLO 2 Configuration Requirements
  • HP SIM Management Processor Tools
  • HP SIM iLO 2 access
  • Management Tabs
  • Management Processor Interface of the iLO 2
  • Event Logs
  • Console Access from the MP

HP BladeSystems Onboard Administrator

  • c-Class Enclosure Management from the Onboard Administrator
  • Using the Insight Display
  • Using the Onboard Administrator
  • Rack Overview
  • c-Class Server Blade Status
  • Configuring the Onboard Administrator and the OA Command Line

HP Integrity Extensible Firmware Interface

  • Integrity Firmware Architecture Overview
  • EFI Menus
  • The EFI Shell

Using Interconnects and Virtual Connect Manager

  • What is an Interconnect?
  • HP Virtual Connect Modules
  • Virtual Connect Architecture
  • Server Blade Failover with Virtual Connect
  • Using Virtual Connect Manager

Using BladeSystem Integrated Manager Plug-In for HP SIM

  • What is HP Systems Insight Manager?
  • HP-UX HP SIM Installation & Basic Initialization
  • c-Class Enclosures as the User’s Home Page
  • BladeSystem Associations

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